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Project Description
openForm is a DNN module to create end users forms like contact, register, etc. The definition of the form is based on Alpaca json format.

  • End user forms
  • Advanced email notification to author, admins, ...
  • Templateble emails and feedback message
  • Bootstarp 3 form for responsive websites


  • Template based form definition
  • Multi language localizeation of form
  • Template exchange
  • Online template editing
  • reCaptcha
  • Tracking script can be defined (adwords conversion, ...)

  • Form definition in standard json schema format
  • Alpaca Form Engine for Form generation
  • Client side form generation connected thru webapi
  • Handlebars as Template engine for email and feedback message
  • File based form definition
  • Data stored in db in json format

Supported field types
  • Text
  • Dropdown & Radio buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Url
  • Email
  • Textarea
  • Rich text (wyzightml
  • List of items
  • Table of items
  • Mix of multiple single fields and list of items (stored as a single item, not for large amout of data)
  • Dependency between fields

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